Saturday, June 19, 2021

Meet The Team

Alon Ghelber


Alon is a Tel Aviv-based CMO a VC Consultant and the General Manager of CXBuzz. As a veteran in the Israeli Start-Up scene, Alon supports b2b tech startups in capturing customers' sentiment and embedding customer experience in the decision making process.

Efrat Vulfsons

Editor in Chief

Efrat is a colorful, agile, creative, and sharp content strategist with an extraordinary passion for the written word. Efrat is an expert in a wide variety of niches as part of my SEO and Marketing experience. Parallel to her Marketing career, Efrat is a Soprano opera singer at the Israeli Opera.

Rotem Gal


Rotem Gal is a content strategist, digital media executive & growth marketer recognized for building engaging insightful content that's not only relevant to the industry, but also something that people actually want to read - and share. As Editor of CXBuzz, he leads a team of world-class editors, writers and cx leaders and experts focused on building the products that shape the CXBuzz brand. Rotem is also the CO-Founder & CEO of Insights-Beyond, a data-driven consultancy focusing solely on digital content strategy.

Jacob Davis

Staff Writer - CX

Jacob is an award-winning data analyst & content strategist who helps B2B companies and c-level executives develop their content strategy, define their narrative, and attract more businesses by using data.

Jackie Lai

Editorial Intern

Jackie is a senior data journalism student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Economics. Her interest rests on public policy, social justice, and the economy. She previously reported on the Black Lives Matter protests for Columbia Missourian.

Larissa Gao

Contributor Writer (Former Editorial inter )

Larissa Gao is a senior student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, majoring in Convergence Journalism-Multimedia Production. She is passionate about storytelling and videography, and she is an aspiring journalist and screenwriter.

Kelly Lawlor

Editorial Intern

Kelly is a rising sophomore at New York University, currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in English and Journalism. She is an avid writer and literary analyst, and she enjoys acquiring a comprehensive understanding of subject matters that pique her interest.

Anna Burneika

Contributor Writer (Former Editorial Intern)

Anna is a multilingual and multitasking content creator. Her international background lends itself to 5 languages, a wide variety of interests, and a broad and bright approach to her work. Anna completed her first degree — a B.A. in Communications and Political Science — at 19 years old. She is currently pursuing her passion for theatre with an M.A. in the UK.

Patrick Ward

Contributor Writer

Patrick Ward is the Director of Marketing for Rootstrap, a custom software development agency that helps companies like MasterClass, Google, and Quartz scale people, processes, and products.

Aarron Spinley

Contributor Writer

Aarron Spinley writes, consults, and speaks internationally about growth strategy and engagement economics. Aarron is an SVP at Thunderhead.

Jan Cavelle

Contributor Writer

Jan Cavelle has several decades of founding micro and SME’s behind her and is now a freelance writer and author. Throughout her career, she has worked on various campaigns to support and encourage other entrepreneurs. Her first book is Scale for Success, Bloomsbury 2021.

Joseph Wolkin

Former Editor

Joseph Wolkin is a journalist from Queens, New York. A graduate of Stony Brook University, Joseph has been published in dozens of publications. He is the author of Grandma: The Story Of A Boy And His Grandma, as well as Superfast Indy Car Racing. He has experience covering plenty of different topics, and he loves interviewing people.

Riya Gaur

Former Writer

Riya is an Engineering graduate who worked with a couple of Software firms before pivoting herself as a professional writer and CS in 2015.