Sunday, March 3, 2024

Patty Soltis

As a customer-centric strategist and consultant, Patty develops growth strategies for organizations with a focus on the customer propelling sales and profit growth in double digits. Prior to that, Patty was a VP/GM for Neiman Marcus, Marshall Fields and Lord & Taylor creating customer centric cultures and strategies that exceeded financial goals and CX metrics. Patty is a member of the CXPA and has earned her CCXP and her CX-PRO. She received her B.S. from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business and her M.B.A. from Oakland University.

CX Priorities for 2022: Patty Soltis | Opinion

Predictions abound for the next year. Often, we go into the year feeling optimistic about what it holds, even if it is cautiously optimistic...

Prospecting and Customer Experience

Customer Experience is incorporated into many aspects of an organization and receives quite a bit of attention for data, analytics, supply chain, logistics, technology,...

Employee Experience & Customer Experience Equals Overall Experience

Employee Experience & Customer Experience - Which One Came First? The ultimate question of which came first, the chicken or egg, could be applied to...

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