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Forrester’s Customer Experience Index Shows US Companies’ CX Has Improved During the Pandemic

According to Forrester’s U.S. 2021 Customer Experience Index rankings, 21% of the U.S. brands included in the index have seen an increase in their customer experience scores compared to the previous year.

The company’s new CX report suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced brands across the world to innovate their ways to improve customer experiences and transform digitally. Therefore, many brands have started to implement their services and solutions to better meet their customers’ needs. 

The top 5% of brands that scored the highest across the customer experience industries include, Etsy, Lincoln, Navy Federal Credit union and Trader Joe’s. These brands met customer needs and outperformed other platforms. 

“Brands must build experiences that help them empathetically engage with their customers, especially during volatile times,” Harley Manning, VP and research director with Forrester, said in a press release. “We know this is important because experiences associated with positive emotions, such as resolving issues quickly and demonstrating empathy, creat and sustain loyalty. To do this well, CX pros must have a disciplined approach to envisioning, designing and delivering consistently high-quality experience.”

Forrester is a research company that helps companies better meet customers’ needs and improve customer experiences. The index has been conducted for 7 years; it currently includes 219 brands and 13 industries.

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