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JCPenney Adopts AI Solution To Boost Online Sales

JCPenney, a popular retail store chain with over 650 sites in the U.S., has teamed up with Metrical, an AI provider, to enhance online customer experience and boost e-commerce sales.

“Helping customers in their online shopping journey is a major advantage in today’s online retail market,” said Richard Adams, VP of Digital Experience at JCPenney, in a press release. “We partnered with Metrical’s predictive AI to give us the ability to better understand our shopper’s online journey in real time, enabling us to deliver an improved customer experience.”

Metrical’s AI has already been assisting JCPenney in leveraging data to personalize shoppers’ experiences, making them unique through specific advertising campaigns and services. According to retail analyst Steve Dennis, Metrical’s edge lies in its subtlety: “It sits quietly in the background, observing customers’ behavior and at the precise moment in time.”

JCPenney has recently published some data to show that its partnership with Metrical is proving successful. There is a 40% boost in online consumer shopping carts, and an 18% drop in terminating online shopping carts. Overall, these changes are accompanied with a 10% profit increase amongst target shoppers.

JCPenney hopes that the AI’s precision and inconspicuousness will allow customers to have a custom-made experience that boosts profitability. 

Metrical’s CEO Zabe Agha stated that his company’s intention was to “improve [JCPenney’s] business results and enhance customer lifetime value” through their AI. Zabe Agha said that with Metrical’s AI, JCPenney can streamline e-commerce tactics by tailoring customer experiences to each person’s specific preferences. These preferences are tracked by the AI’s subtle and constant presence in a customer’s online shopping experience, which was anticipated to increase profits. 

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