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Zadig&Voltaire Join Hands with Contentsquare To Boost Digital Customer Experience

The French Fashion House Aims to Introduce Effortless CX to Luxury

Zadig&Voltaire have selected Contentsqaure to execute a customer-centric design that enhances the digital customer experience of the brand’s customers. In addition, the fashion house will also leverage the insights on customer behavior to make effective merchandising decisions as well as better the checkout funnel. 

Personalization to Improve Customer Experience

The company is also looking forward to introducing personalization programs to create customized brand experiences at every level.   

Contentsqaure granular insights will offer a deep understanding of the customer behaviors scrolling through the brand’s website and locating the points that need improvements to gain maximum conversion.

Jonathan ATTALI, Chief Digital Officer at Zadig&Voltaire said that the solutions like the ones offered by Contentsquare allow them to experiment with confidence as they have a real-time understanding of the points that improve or hinder the customer journey over their website

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