Monday, October 25, 2021

Mary Poppen

Seasoned post-sales leader with experience building and scaling Services, Success, Education, Operations, Support, and Renewal/Expansion teams. Mary has a strong track record building high-performing teams,accelerating revenue, increasing customer retention and improving operating efficiency in high-growth and high-change environments. Her teams have delivered some of the highest customer retention and satisfaction levels in the SaaS industry. She is well-known for her thought leadership in customer success and experience; she often speaks at global conferences, authors content for various publications, and is frequently featured in podcasts. Mary has experience building post-sales teams and processes for early startups including SuccessFactors and Glint, as well as large organizations including SAP and LinkedIn. She is passionate about fostering “people success,” which she describes as the intersection of employee and customer success.

CX Gaps and Measures of Customer Experience

Me: “Hello. I would like to change my flight to the following week, please.” Airline: “No problem, Ms. Poppen. Let me check on availability. (15...

The Customer Journey Should be a differentiator for your organization

Why Customer Journey Should be a differentiator for your organization Why you ask? Because the journey sets the stage for the entire customer experience and...

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