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How is Transforming the U.S. ARM Industry with Scalable Conversational Voice AI Solutions, the global leader in Conversational Voice AI solutions, announced its position as the preferred choice for the U.S. Accounts and Receivables Management (ARM) industry. The company’s innovative Conversational Voice AI solution empowers collection agencies to streamline recovery processes and create data-backed collection strategies with millions of automated, intelligent, personalized, and context-rich recovery calls.

“The global ARM industry is expected to grow at a moderate pace but will see the trend of consolidation further intensifying, driven by factors such as stringent regulatory frameworks, eroding margins, and an acute skilled labor shortage,” said Sourabh Gupta, Co-founder, and CEO of “ARM companies are in dire need of a solution that can solve these challenges, creating a competitive edge in the new tech-driven era. At, we are bridging these gaps with our Compliant, Configurable & Easy-to-deploy Conversational Voice AI solution.” He further added “Our solution is a game-changer for the ARM industry and is empowering collection agencies to augment collection efficiency, reduce cost and stay ahead of the curve.”

With’s Conversational Voice AI solution, first and third-party agencies have experienced end-to-end automation of collection calls for the first time. This innovative solution enables 100% account penetration, maximizing scale and reach by freeing agents from repetitive, low-value calls. As a result, agents can focus on high-value accounts to accelerate recovery, leading to reduced agent attrition and more meaningful, engaging roles.’s advanced technology not only improves contact rates and establishes right-party contact but also captures consumer dispositions and engages in intelligent conversations with consumers that lead to collections. This approach guides consumers to make payments effectively and seamlessly transfers them to live agents when necessary, further enhancing the overall collection process. The solution minimizes compliance risk by adhering to regulations throughout the process.

One of’s customers, American Finance, stated: “We chose for its robust technology and understanding of the collections space,” said Dean Stibbs, Director of I.T. at American Finance, LLC, a Delaware-based finance company with in-house debt collections. “With’s Conversational Voice AI platform, we’ve been able to offer our customers a new and exciting contact method, so they can service their account instantly without having to deal with hold times or multiple agent transfers.”

Expressing the scale of impact is creating, Gupta added: “By automating nearly one million outbound consumer conversations weekly, is bringing about a major change in the way ARM companies operate. This level of automation at scale is phenomenal.”

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