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CloudShare Announces Salesforce Integration with Eye on Customer Retention

CloudShare announced last week a new integration with the Salesforce platform, aimed at allowing sales departments to make better decisions based on customer data with the intention of boosting B2B customer experience.

During the pandemic, CloudShare noted that B2B sales representatives were shifting to an online centric approach, with many of them turning to static demos with the aid of video conferencing tools with little success. It was found that 77% of those B2B companies reported complexities during their purchases due to these limitations, thus CloudShare looked towards providing a novel solution.

The new integration, which links CloudShare accounts directly to Salesforce, is purported to enable users to manage prospects in real-time by combining the managing power of Salesforce and the real-time interaction tracking of CloudShare’s virtual platform. Hopes are that the data the two provide will lead to customer retention and therefore increased revenue.

“This is the first announcement in what is set to be another stand-out year for CloudShare, especially in the UK where we have ambitious growth plans,” said Dr. Zvi Guterman, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer. “The Salesforce integration is a direct result of customer demand as we learned that using multiple systems made the whole sales process inefficient. This integration will transform how Sales Reps manage end-to-end interactions with their prospects and customers. It will not only save sales teams’ time and optimize their productivity but will help them to drive customer acquisition and retention which will ultimately impact the bottom line.”

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