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Brinks Home Security To Leverage AI For Better Customer Experience

Partners With OfferFit To Gain Insights Into Customer-Journey Mapping

Brinks Home Security has partnered with OfferFit, a start-up to create a one-to-one market personalization. With this partnership, the company has embarked on the journey of an artificial-intelligence transformation and test customer marketing initiatives.


Customization Offers Better Customer Experience

 According to an announcement, the pilot program used OfferFit’s proprietary AI to customize offers for each customer in the form of samples created in the form of sets. Initially, the AI performance was equivalent to the control, however, the changes were visible within the next two weeks. The performance of AI doubled than the performance of the control population and in the third week, it saw exponential growth, reaching four times the results from the control group.

 The home security company is now moving towards an expansion for its use cases to other customer experience campaigns. The aim is to offer customers personalized deals and offers along with relevant solutions effectively and quickly.

 The pilot session also allowed OfferFit, a start-up offering personalized marketing solutions using self-learning AI, to check its solutions adapting to the real-world scenarios and cases. The collaboration has enabled both the companies to grow mutually and transform the customer experience journey.




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