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CB4 and Road Ranger Come Together to Boost Customer Experience and Sales

Unique Algorithms identify selling opportunities by using POS data 

Road Ranger, an Illinois-based chain of travel centers, truck stops, and convenience stores is using CB4’s AI-powered software at its centers and improve its customer experience by making products easily findable.

Today, several stores employ technology to locate the opportunities to increase sales in their stores. But most of them require manual labor. CB4′s unique solution with sophisticated algorithms, however, makes use of simple POS data to locate selling opportunities and alert users to take the action.

Road Ranger CIO, Jeremie Myhren, believes that convenience retailers can pull out crucial value from POS data, but that present technologies do not allow full utilization. For CB4, he states that it is easy to use and utilize new technologies to form a pattern in the sales data, thus identifying situations that can increase sales according to the data collected at specific stores and on a weekly basis.  

CB4 offers Smooth Store Operations 

CB4 can help store managers to make store-operations smooth by alerting about the products left in the stock room or out-of-stock products, correcting ticketing and pricing errors, thereby making it easier for customers to make the purchase.

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