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TTEC To Acquire Avtex

Looks Forward To Offering Advanced Digital Customer Experience Solutions

 TTEC Holdings, a leading customer experience technology, and service innovator have announced that the company is about to acquire Avtex, a best-in-class full-service CX technology provider. The acquisition will strengthen TTEC’s position at a global scale, allowing the company to expand as a go-to partner for enterprises by offering next-generation end-to-end digital customer experience solutions.

Acquisitions Bring Significant Value propositions to TTEC

Avtex will add significant value propositions to TTEC”s CXaaS platform, which includes:

  • Expanded collaboration based on technology with industry leaders.
  • Meaningful extension of services and offerings to various sectors including finance, health-care, eCommerce, and public sectors.
  • Boosted sales performances, driven by technology-enabled CX strategies
  • Crucial customer experience innovation via differentiated IP to resolve industry-specific issues.

Terming the acquisition as transformational, Ken Tuchman, Chairman, and CEO of TTEC commented that the acquisition will accelerate digital innovation by placing level 1 CX technologies under one umbrella and will build one source for smooth CX orchestration across every channel, thereby increasing the speed-to-market and customer-centric differentiation for company’s clients.






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