Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Tweeq Collaborates With Mastercard and Paymentology For First-Class Customer Experience

Payment Solutions For Simpler and Quicker Transactions

In an exclusive partnership agreement, Tweeq, Mastercard, and Paymentology have come together to ensure a first-class customer experience via innovative digital payment solutions.

The initiative is dedicated to individuals and small business holders in Saudi Arabia.

With the new solutions, the customers will be able to carry out seamless money transactions, including tasks such as send & receive money, bill payment, online shopping, card- transactions, and others. It will enable the customers to set financial goals. Withdrawing of cash will also be made simpler and quicker with the facility being at the finger-tips of the customers.

Seamless Payment Experience Via Contactless Cards

In the wake of Covid-19, the collaboration has also decided to offer spending accounts and contactless cards to its customers. With this, the three companies aim to smoothen customer experience in the financial sector and make sure the customers enjoy a seamless payment experience.


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