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CXBuzz Interview with Jenny Dempsey CX Manager at Apeel and FruitStand

Hi Jenny, can tell us about yourself and share some background around your hybrid role at Apeel & FruitStand.
I’m the Consumer Experience Manager for FruitStand and Apeel. I’ve created the support processes from scratch. I help ensure consumers are heard, their feedback gets in the hands of the right departments. I am a Southern California native and I love to sing.
How much has the consumer sentiments changed in the food and beverage space during 2020 and how is 2021 going to look like?

I can’t speak to the entire industry but when it comes to our consumers, food is an experience in addition to nourishment. Consumers want to know where their food is coming from and support the farms that work hard to bring food to the table.

In your POV, what are the most important KPIs you use to measure customer experience benchmarks?

Of course, this can vary based on the company and product, but I’m a fan of retention rate, CSAT and NPS.

How much has the role of the Customer Experience Manager changed in the social distancing era – what role digital transformation has in this crisis?

It’s become a lot more about using technology to best support humans helping humans. Those humans being the members of our team at work as well as our customers.

Jenny’s checklist for CX strategy

In your POV – What is the ultimate checklist for a good customer experience strategy?
The ultimate checklist isn’t one I wrote but that I strive to encompass: The CX Accelerator Primer. It’s hands down the best resource for anyone in CX to review, especially if they are new to the role/industry.
What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2020?
That it’s ok to not be ok. That goes for our customers too. They may be going through so much on their end and for me to extend help to them knowing it’s not my job to make everything better but instead to resolve only the instance at hand. And that is absolutely ok.
2020 was the year of webinars and online events, what was your favorite one?  
Besides wine tastings with my girlfriends? Hmmm, I’d have to say Zendesk CX Moments. It gave a quick snapshot into other companies’ CX and how they make magic happen every day while learning from mistakes.
It looks like working from home is going to stay with us for the foreseeable future, how should Marketing Executives gear up to the changing times?
Recognize the fact that these are changing times and that doesn’t mean it will be or is supposed to be easy. Everyone is going through something and we need to acknowledge that. Tune into our own communication, too. With so much on Slack or in a Zoom meeting, how can we make sure that we’re saying what needs to be said, actively listening to others, and asking more questions to make sure we understand one another.

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