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Braze Releases 2021 Global Customer Engagement Review Report

Highlights Opportunities for Improvement and Growth for successful customer engagement

The comprehensive customer engagement platform Braze released some key findings in its “2021 Global Customer Engagement Review Report”. The report examines the trends and defines the points that make customer engagement successful. It also identifies opportunities that may help brands improve their customer experience strategies. 

The review also reveals the tactics that govern the business-goals and revenues across the different industries like retail and eCommerce, QSR and delivery, financial services, and so on. The report also consists of specific case studies from leading brands like Headspace, Payomatic, and GOAT, and also the National Basketball Association. These case studies showcase the success of customer-engagement strategies owned by these industry-leading brands.

Customer Engagement Index, a framework that assesses brands against the competencies across technology and teams is one of the major features of the report. The index distributes the brands across three stages and brings out the best customer-engagement model. The review regards experimentation and channels two major areas wherein the companies have mastered the art of customer engagement.

Key Findings of the Report

Here are the key findings of the report:

More brands to consider customer engagement crucial to the growth of the business:

The review states that there is a direct correlation between the level of customer engagement and the growth of the business.

The brands with solid engagement strategies still find success challenging:

88% of marketers are confident of their customer engagement strategy. However, three out of four, that is almost 74% of companies are concerned that their metrics do not turn into actual business results. The review also states that the varied meaning of success may be a reason why marketers feel this way.

Customer Engagement Tools to grab the focus in increased marketing budgets:

60% of companies are likely to increase their marketing budget in the next 12 months. According to the report, the focus will be on the tools that will make customer engagement more measurable.

Marketers need more than one-channel to survive:

The report also found that customer retention increased by 58% for 30-days and 73% of customers would make the purchase from the brands that connected with customers via multiple channels



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