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Audi Upgrades Its Website To Improve Customer Experience

Simultaneously Relaunches myAudi App

Audi, to enable interested parties and customers to have a seamless and emotional brand experience, has personalized its website. In addition, the myAudi app has been introduced with new features along with additional consulting options- AUGI AG. These new attributes are being added to transform the online and offline experience of the prospects. The brand has also improved its online experience to pave way for its new Audi etron GT*.

New Improvements At Audi’s Website

Along with the central login, the improved Audi website now provides personalized information regarding models and services to interested parties. The modified streamlined design can be easily navigated and offers improved car configuration along with a connection to different online services. The new features are already implemented in Europe and will soon be available at places. 

myAudi App Remains The Key Connection

 To remain digitally connected with its customers, myAudi app plays a significant role for the brand. With further improvements introduced, customers will now be able to access crucial vehicle information and other digital services. The Remote Parking Assistant feature (in selected models) is one of the major attractions. With this feature, users can easily park the car without anyone seated in the car- via mobile remotely. The other important addition is Online Logbook, which allows users to update their logbook while complying with tax regulations. The new features are based on the feedback the brand has received.

 The brand is also developing digital consulting in the retail trade. Live consultation and 3D rendering of the vehicle will be possible in the future.


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