Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Valero Launches New App To Revolutionize Customer Experience

Reduces Time To Activate Pump and Make Transactions

Valero Energy Corp. has collaborated with P97 Networks to offer a new customer experience across the United States. The company has introduced a new app to deliver a personalized fueling experience to its customers.

The features of the new app allow users to skip the keypad, activate the pump with their mobile, and carry out secured payments for services like car-wash, in-store merchandise, and food purchasing along with making transactions for the fuel itself.

Mobile Technology To Enhance Customer Engagement

Built on P97’s PetroZone, a mobile commerce platform, Valero seeks to revolutionize customer experience and help users locate Valero stations. In addition, the customers will also receive offers and rewards for making transactions.

Further, the company is planning to boost its customer engagement through personalization and include omnichannel messaging, and provide targeted digital offers. With the P97 Order Ahead Platform, a new app-feature, Valero is also aiming to allow its customers to make purchases and schedule curbside pickups through their smartphones. The OAP allows tech-wallets as well as card-on-file transaction options.


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