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Early Investment In CX Is Crucial: Adobe Report

Firms that invest in customer experience early on have a great advantage over those whose investments come later, according to the new Adobe Digital Trends 2022 Report. The gap is widening each year, with over half of all marketing organizations surveyed citing the need to have “significant insight” into the journeys of new customers.

The report, which is available on Adobe’s website, details the opinions of 10,000 marketers, 87% of whom agreed that the events of the past two years have rewired customer thinking into a “digital-first” mentality. It further details the distance between those considered leaders in marketing and those who don’t place as much emphasis on the CX field. 

In the report’s foreword, David Carrel, VP of Marketing at Adobe Experience Cloud commented that “Leading marketing organizations place customer relationships at the heart of their operations.  They build processes, systems and culture around evolving customer needs. At a time when it has never been more critical for companies to act fast and respond to rising customer expectations, leading marketing organizations are much better placed for success in 2022 and beyond.”

With the acceleration of digital transformation over the past two years caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 65% of marketing leaders said that acting quickly on these insights is crucial. In addition, 85% of those surveyed expressed great interest in personalization as a marketing tool, further highlighting the need for the human touch in CX.

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