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Sprinklr to Accelerate Digital Customer Experience Strategy For CTT Portugal Post

The National Postal Service Is Also Looking For Automating Manual Processes

CTT Portugal Post, the Portuguese postal service company has selected Sprinklr to boost its customer experience strategy with the help of technology. The national postal service also acts as a commercial group with its subsidiaries working in eCommerce, banking, logistics, and other such departments. It also focuses on increasing team collaboration while automating the manual process with the help of artificial Intelligence. 

CTT Leverages Modern Sales and Engagement, Research, and Care from Sprinklr

CTT has long been planning to transform its digital services, especially after Covid-19. The company will take the assistance of Sprinklr’s Modern Sales and Engagement, Modern Research, and Modern Care for the following purposes:

  • Improve digital services by routing emails and calls to efficient channels. It will ensure quick service to the customers.
  • Improving communication by using one Sprinklr platform with full customer-view.
  • Enable teams to collaborate and share insights to boost productivity.



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