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Gartner Disunited Engagement Channels To Result In Siloed Customer Experience

Omnichannel Customer Engagement Protects Critical Business Revenue

Gartner reports that despite all the efforts to push companies to combine their customer-engagement channels, half of the organizations will still not have unified channels by the end of 2022. The outcome is segmented and siloed customer experience, lacking context.

 Consistent and streamlined experiences offered by omnichannel commerce throughout the customer journey have become critical for business growth since the outbreak of Covid-19. Matt Moorut, Principal Analyst at Gartner said that the omnichannel customer engagement allows companies to offer purchase and fulfillment options along with another mode of purchasing in case of channel disruption, enabling marketing leaders to protect significant revenue-streams of the business.

Organizations Should Optimize Their Strategy For 2021

The report also states that to attain truly seamless customer engagement, the organizations should look beyond online purchasing, in-store pick-up, or curbside pickup and include other factors such as serving, delivering, or fulfilling. To achieve this, marketing leaders should focus on feature fulfillment options, omnichannel sales, integration of digital inventories, consistent communication, and prioritizing partnerships that are frictionless; thus, optimizing their strategies for 2021.

 The report further noted that the digital commerce and marketing activities encouraging customers and prospects to choose online shopping have increased after lockdown phases across the world. However, Gartner also added that in-person shopping still holds a significant position and that the businesses with strong footfall are in a good state to leverage omnichannel experiences.




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