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Anodot Launches New Product Features To Boost Customer Experience

Anodot, an autonomous business monitoring company, has launched two new tools to enhance its customer experience.

The Business Impact Alert functionality allows customers to “measure the impact of anomalies on business operations,” while the Influencing Events functionality helps them “flag relevant alerts during reoccurring but shifting events,” according to a press release.

The Business Impact Alert could offer a visual indication that may give companies insights into the impact of an anomaly. The Influencing Events could help companies define seasonal events, such as summer holidays.

“Businesses need monitoring tools that can quickly identify issues that impact the customer experience and protect revenue,” Ira Cohen, co-founder and chief data scientist at Anodot, said in a statement. “Our Business Impact Alerts and Influencing Events feature only alerts customers on issues that directly affect the business, preserving resources that would otherwise be wasted investigating issues that do not require remediation.”

Christina Velzo, director of business intelligence at Ask Media Group, said: “With Anndot’s platform we can analyze high volumes of traffic across multiple metrics, spot anomalies and take action right away, reducing any potential downtime or business risk.”

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