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Market Research Platform getWizer To Offer Digital Rewards via Rybbon

getWizer, a customer insights platform, has announced a collaboration with Rybbon (Blackhawk Network), a digital rewards platform for marketers, to create a rewards system that will incentivize respondents to participate in market research studies.

The partnership is expected to increase response rates in surveys and improve the quality of the studies by offering digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations to charities.

“Within the getWizer platform, thanks to Rybbon, users now have access to an automatic rewards process that can attract high-quality respondents, increase overall response rates, and provide a seamless, real-time reward experience for respondents,” said Shani Broner, SVP Global Research at getWizer, in a press release.

getWizer’s platform was built to automate and optimize market research. The start-up has raised over $6M in funding and, earlier this year, it announced it would undergo a heavy expansion process in the United States, with plans to open new offices on the West Coast and in the Midwest. The company currently operates from its offices in New York and Netanya, Israel.

Jignesh Shah, Head of Global Integrated Incentives at Blackhawk Network, said: “The addition of Rybbon’s seamless, automated rewards program within the getWizer platform can help boost survey response rates and increase the quality of data captured in surveys. We are focused on helping deliver high-quality, valuable results to getWizer by providing a best-in-class, seamless, hassle-free reward experience to their end-users.”

getWizer hopes that its implementation of Rybbon’s services will streamline and improve its process of gathering consumer insights (CI).

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