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In-Store Ads Positively Influence Consumer Behavior, Inmar Intelligence Survey Suggests

The data-driven, technology-enabled services company Inmar Intelligence released last week the results of a survey suggesting that most customers notice in-store advertisements and then they make a purchase decision based on the advertisements they see.

According to the survey, 69% of customers who noticed an in-store advertisement would look for the product, and 61% of survey takers said they would purchase it. This means customers are more likely to buy the product if they see an advertisement in the store. One thousand U.S. adults have responded to the survey.

The survey also reveals several other advantages of in-store signage.

First, in-store signage can help attract new customers and increase customer loyalty. The survey reported approximately one in ten consumers would go shopping with a specific brand name in their head, and only 35% of consumers know the exact location of the products they need. If the signage is attractive at first glance and can guide customers to the specific aisle on which products are shelved, customers have a higher possibility of buying the product.

Additionally, advertising about loyalty programs, such as discounts, points or other types of credits, plays a key role in persuading consumers to buy a product. According to the survey, 96% of respondents said such programs would propel them to make purchases and continue buying the product.

“This survey demonstrates that shoppers are clearly influenced by in-store marketing efforts, indicating that retailers and brands have an opportunity to leverage this channel to provide shoppers with an unexpected offering that may enhance their in-store experience,” said Spencer Baird, EVP & President, Martech at Inmar Intelligence, in a press release. “Inmar Intelligence’s solutions use data and shopper insights to create more impactful in-store signage, resulting in proven increased brand and retailer category growth.”

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