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Contentsquare Announces Acquisition of Product Experience Insights Platform Hotjar

Contentsquare, the renowned digital experience analytics platform, announced today its acquisition of Hotjar, an Australian platform that provides product experience insights. Together, the two companies hope to provide improved digital experiences to consumers, while continuing to operate independently for now.

“People today expect great digital experiences whenever they are connected — whether they are interacting with big global brands or startups and growing businesses. Coming together with Hotjar allows us to broaden our reach to bring business-critical insights to every type of business across all industries,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and co-founder of Contentsquare, in a press release.

Hotjar’s founder, David Darmanin, commented: “We couldn’t be more excited to be joining forces with Contentsquare. We built Hotjar to inspire product improvements by enabling businesses of all sizes to have empathy with their end-users. Joining the Contentsquare family enables us to accelerate our work towards this vision, double-down on our investments in innovation and thereby unlock even more value for our customers.”

A blog post on Hotjar’s website announcing the news stressed that there are similarities between the two companies’ visions. Contentsquare’s vision is to ‘deliver better experiences to all,’ while Hotjar’s original vision back in 2014 spoke to ‘democratizing user analytics and feedback’.”

Contentsquare is currently looking to expand its operations with a $500M investment to advance AI innovation, and with Hotjar as an asset the company has an opportunity to make a splash in the field of digital experience innovation. Both companies have vowed to lead with digital privacy as a core concern and aim to keep consumers’ data protected. Contentsquare has recently launched a cookieless service, which allows users to turn off both first and third-party cookies to ensure better privacy and data protection.

Hotjar’s customer-ended approach to their digital services enables the company to adapt quickly to their users’ needs, with real-time analytics enabling rapid feedback and instructions in order for users to get the most out of their software. While some computer systems have flagged their tracking as malicious in the past, it is reportedly within GDPR compliance and so should prove a great assistance to Contentsquare’s efforts to help digitize brands on the business end. The real-time feedback and detailed analysis of Hotjar combined with the AI interfaces that Contentsquare are developing should prove to be a game changer in the CX field’s future.

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