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Hot! Pizza Hut Partners with Digital Experience Analytics Platform Contentsquare

Fast food pizza chain Pizza Hut has joined forces with digital experience analytics platform developer Contentsquare to optimize its customer experience throughout the company’s various digital channels.

Making use of Contentsquare’s customer behavior analytics, Pizza Hut’s Digital Ventures team said it has already determined several ways to innovate, individualize, and streamline customer journeys throughout the Pizza Hut website.

Shortly after adopting the platform, Pizza Hut’s Digital Ventures team noticed that customers had not been interacting with the individual bargains advertised on the site’s deals page. Inspecting further with Contentsquare’s zoning analysis tool, the team found this could possibly be explained by the absence of website prompts, which resulted in poor calls to action and made the cards appear non-interactable. Applying this observation, the team was able to corroborate their theory through A/B testing, refining customer experience in a way they might not have picked up on otherwise.

Estimating based on the improvements already put into effect, Pizza Hut’s Digital Ventures team estimates a $7.8 million annual uplift from its partnership with Contentsquare.

“Contentsquare allows us to understand our customers at a much more detailed level. It also empowers our analytics team to quickly test and validate new changes and ideas, creating the best possible experience for all of our audiences” said Tristan Burns, Global Head of Analytics at Pizza Hut Digital Ventures, in a press release.

“The opportunity to experiment is a big part of what Contentsquare stands for.” Niki Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at Contentsquare also commented. “We provide the world’s biggest brands with both the tools and insights to understand their customers, trial new ideas and ultimately build a better customer experience. As such, we’re excited to see the unique insights and experiments that Pizza Hut will deliver through our platform.”

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