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Cyber Digital Transformation Provider Optiv Announces New Cybersecurity Solution

Optiv, an end-to-end cybersecurity solutions provider that specializes in cyber digital transformation, announced Tuesday the launch of its latest offering, Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR).

The solution detects emerging threats and addresses them in real time to increase clients’ protection against cyberattacks.

“Optiv MXDR brings simplicity, transparency and automation to clients’ environments, enhancing existing defenses to counter known and emerging threats with confidence and speed,” said David Martin, Chief Services Officer at Optiv, in a press release. “What’s more, we can seamlessly leverage the power of Optiv to extend and layer the offering with a full suite of complementary services like remediation, incident response, threat hunting, and beyond.”

According to the company, the MXDR offering is the only cloud-based threat detection and response service that conducts data ingestion throughout various technology channels to connect information on possible threats, and formulate automatic responses to malicious activity. The automatization of cybersecurity investigations using actionable insights allows companies to identify threats faster and prioritize the most imposing ones, saving precious time that could determine whether a company successfully prevents a cyber attack, or becomes the unfortunate victim of one.

“We know the threat landscape; both what’s at stake and how to circumvent threat actors while significantly reducing time to detect and respond,” added John Ayers, XDR Vice President for Opitv. “We meet clients where they are and customize our continuously managed approach to ease the burden of the unknown and allow teams to detect, respond and remediate threats faster while also automating deeper investigation for future improvements.”

Devo, a cloud-native logging and security analytics company, has served as a foundational partner in the development of Optiv MXDR. Providing scalable, cloud-native logging and security analytics with its own platform, Devo aims to provide Optiv customers with full visibility of the operations across both cloud, and on-premise, environments.

“I am thrilled that Devo is partnering with Optiv on this new offering,” wrote VP of Product Marketing at Devo, Chris O’Brien, in a post on Devo’s website. “I am equally excited about the pivotal role Devo will play in the rapidly evolving security stacks of our customers and partners. Data and security analytics, essential components of Devo’s DNA, are the key to effective XDR and MXDR. And Devo will continue our commitment to innovation, enabling organizations across all industries and geographies to manage, analyze, and secure their data with decisive confidence.”

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