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Kratos To Deliver Products Supporting Satellite Industry’s Digital Transformation

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. has announced that it will deliver products to support the satellite industry’s digital transformation effort to sell virtualized systems to 24 customers around the world.

Kratos is a leading National Security Solutions provider. It will support the industry by delivering products in Kratos’ quantum and SpectralNet lines. 

Krato’s OpenSpace quantum would give software versions of satellite ground system components, while Krato’s SpectralNet products give the on-ramp to modern virtual ground operations by digitizing signals.

“The OpenSpace quantum and OpenSpace SpectralNet product lines are stepping stones for space companies seeking to take advantage of digital transformation of their ground systems to support new goals and opportunities,” Greg Quiggle, VP of product management with Kratos, said in a press release. Our recently-introduced OpenSpace Platform takes the underlying technologies developed for quantum and SpectralNet to another level, delivering a fully integrated approach to ground operations.”

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