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Soho Brings *compd: A Customer Engagement Platform for Marketing

Nearly touchless product sampling to improve customer engagement during the pandemic era

Soho Experimental has recently announced the launch of *Compd, a platform that allows the brands to provide a near-to touchless sampling of the products and record feedback through a digital experience. 

The platform is created to fill the gap in the promotional landscape after Covid-19 hit the word. The New-York based company has teamed up with Genome, an award-winning digital innovation company to build a direct-to-consumer and effective digital engagement platform. Designed for highly-regulated industries, the platform is to provide nearly touchless sampling and help retailers boost market reach and gather consumer data. 

Another plus side of the platform is that it is available on consumers’ cell phones.

*Compd has proved its worth with virtual sampling campaigns for Old Camp Whiskey and Wolf Moon Bourbon. The two companies are using Soho’s platform for the on-location sampling in selected markets. The platform was also employed by Shiner Beer to assist at Mile0Fest. Joining the league is Belvedere Vodka, which will also soon begin to utilize the platform in the selected areas.

Easy-to-Use Digital Platform for Customers 

To use *Compd, consumers can follow the following simple steps to experience a nearly touchless sampling:

  • Use the prompts on a digital menu to redeem the offer using their smartphones. The offers can be activated using SMS Text or by QR code scanning.
  • The consumer can select their product sample of choice and enter a 4-digit event pin.
  • The server brings the consumers their requested sample.
  • Lastly, the consumers receive a link to join the brand’s VIP group. They can also go to another added-value offer along with a gratitude note.

As Solo Experimental continues to build-up the platform, the award-winning company trusts that *Compd will continue to be a useful solution for customers who want a more of digital-sampling of their favorite brands

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