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Oyster Consulting Hires Two Digital Transformation Experts

Oyster Consulting, a US-based financial services consulting firm, has announced that two formerly independent consultants, David Altschul and Jeffrey Wilk, will be joining the company’s Strategic Planning and Execution team as directors.

Altschul and Wilk’s comprehensive experience with arranging and carrying out company-wide digital transformations is expected to make them valuable members of Oyster’s board of strategic and operations specialists.

Altschul brings years of experience in the execution of new implementations, which produced new streams of revenue for past clients. In addition to his digital transformation expertise, Altschul also possesses knowledge on how to achieve operational efficiency, improve cybersecurity, and mitigate risks associated with vendor management. Before joining Oyster, Altschul was the President of AFC-Solutions, LLC. In that position, Altschul refined processes improvement solutions for operational efficiencies, through digital transformation for financial corporations of all sizes. Altschul has also held positions as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Foothill Securities, Inc, and Vice President of Global Client Relations at Pershing LLC.

Prior to taking his new position at Oyster, Wilk was the Chief Executive Officer at Copernicus Solutions, LLC for five years. Before that, he was the former Head of Strategic Transformation and US Retail Wealth Management at Metlife Securities and Metlife Broker-Dealer Group. At Metlife, he was responsible for multiple mergers and acquisitions, digital platform transformations, and the development of the product management industry’s first automated and algorithm-driven, “Robo”, advisory platform.

“Honored to be joining such an incredible team of industry practitioners,” Wilk wrote in a LinkedIn post. “Looking forward to bringing my expertise to Oyster Consulting’s strategic Planning & Execution practice to build-out and expand their Digital Strategy, and ESG offerings.”

“David and Jeff are great additions to Oyster,” said Dave Osborne, Director of Oyster’s Strategic Planning and Execution practice, in the company’s press release. “Their knowledge of platforms combined with their practical experience in implementations brings another level of depth to Oyster’s capabilities.”

“They are a key component of Oyster’s future growth in serving the Financial Services industry in the digital space.” echoed Pete Bowman, Managing Director of Oyster’s Strategic Planning and Execution practice. “Their previous experience supporting the Financial Industry will only augment the success of Oyster Consulting.”

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