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Acquire Introduces First Conversational Customer Experience Platform

Offers Unified CX Platform to Help Businesses Meet Modern Digital Landscape Demands 

Acquire, a globally known conversational customer experience platform has launched a new software that along with streamlining the customer conversations, modernizes workflow and allows teams to enhance service efficiency and support. The launch is being considered as the first-ever platform designed to meet the demands of the digital era. 

New Software Boosts Productivity and Customer-satisfaction

With the help of the new software, that combines centralized customer data and a conversational approach, the enterprises now can place all the contextual as well as relevant information at the tips of customer-service executives, accelerating their performance and increasing customer satisfaction.

The platform also allows the organizations to leverage their tech-stack investments by integrating with solutions like Shopify, Alkami, Salesforce and boosting the overall performance of the company in a short period.


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