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ConsenSys Partners with LivePerson to Offer AI Support to Users

ConsenSys, a blockchain technology company, announced Wednesday its partnership with LivePerson, an AI-powered conversational cloud platform, to provide conversational AI support for its blockchain and crypto communities.

The services will benefit users of crypto wallet MetaMask first. MetaMask provides users with a simple and secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications and make safe purchases while protecting users’ data. The addition of LivePerson aims to provide an even safer and quicker experience for customers.

“The very nature of MetaMask and decentralized finance — its nascence and complexity — demands education and support. We believe that this collaboration with LivePerson will help us drive meaningful engagement with the MetaMask community in a very agile way,” said Dan Finlay, Co-founder and Lead Developer on MetaMask, in a press release.

ConsenSys found that most of the issues appearing in MetaMask channels have clear descriptions and guidelines. But with LivePerson’s conversational AI-powered technology, users of MetaMask can start an immediate conversation with an AI and have immediate access to educational information.

“As sophisticated, tech-savvy investors in a bleeding-edge field, crypto and DeFi [decentralized finance] community members are looking for high-end customer experiences,” said Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson. “ConsenSys is leading the industry in putting customers first, deepening relationships, and dramatically reducing exposure to phishing and scamming by providing easy AI-powered access to trusted resources. We’re proud to work with one of the most sophisticated DeFi companies as they build care and acquisition on our Conversational Cloud.”

The AI-powered conversations will be available in English on MetaMask Extension and Mobil, and all of their current services will stay functioning.

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