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Discount Offers Are Effective Appeasement When Fixing Company Errors, Study Finds

It is common knowledge that a positive customer experience is the backbone of any service or business, but what are the best ways to correct experiences gone wrong? CodeBroker, a small offer marketing platform, surveyed over 1,200 consumers on their opinions of various conflict resolutions to examine what kind of appeasement customers are most responsive to.

The Call Center Customer Appeasement Research found that customers look increasingly favorably upon companies offering loyalty incentives in addition to rectifying their mistakes. For example, in response to a company offering a discount coupon or gift card after making and fixing an error, 98% of respondents said that would satisfy them and help keep their business, compared to only 63% when the error is fixed but a discount coupon/gift card isn’t offered.

Appeasement can play a positive part in keeping a customer’s loyalty, especially along with a positive experience accompanying the process of offering and delivering the proposal. 78% of consumers stated they have stopped buying from a company because of an error with their order or service, with 81% saying that if a high-value coupon or gift card was offered, they would consider continuing doing business with that company. The speed of the delivery also matters, with 86% preferring to receive the appeasement while speaking with customer service about the error, rather than waiting for it at a later date.

Importance of customer loyalty

Loyalty is fundamental. Catching negative experiences and turning them around to keep existing customers can be more beneficial than trying to constantly chase new customers. Existing customers establish steady relationships with the brands they return to, and can successfully bring new customers in by spreading the positive feedback of their experiences – negative experiences that are resolved successfully are no exception. Going the extra mile towards customers may very well motivate them to go the extra mile for the company.

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