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CXBuzz Expert Panel: How Netflix Is Excelling at CX

Netflix has been known to be one of the best companies when it comes to customer experience (CX) capabilities. This begs the question of how. We’ve gathered some thoughts on how Netflix is at the forefront of providing effective and attractive customer experiences from some of the CX experts we’ve interviewed in our Interviews section.

Johannes Drooghaag, CEO of Spearhead Management

“Netflix is one of those examples which created a fantastic D2C experience but also a partner network for reselling their services, for example through internet providers as a premium bundle. By doing so, they have been able to create a win-win-win for themselves, their partners, and their customers.” Drooghaag also explained Netflix’s hybridized approach to accessing their entertainment services: by partnering with internet providers as well as promoting themselves independently, customers have an easier time subscribing.

Dawn Colossi, CMO of FocusVision

“We are in the experience economy; the biggest companies in the world have gotten there because they’ve changed the experience by putting the customer first – think Amazon, Netflix, and Uber… a consistent customer experience across all channels is what is going to enable companies to thrive.” Colossi highlighted two important traits that Netflix possesses: there is a commitment to prioritizing the customer and to providing a reliably good customer experience.

Tamas Kadar, Co-Founder and CEO of SEON

SEON is a fraud protection company. Kadar said his company was inspired by Netflix’s subscription model. “They wanted it to be as easy to subscribe as signing up to Netflix … and offer a free trial to customers in the same way.” Tamas said that Netflix’s easy subscription process – and incentivization via a free trial – is what elevates customer experience. By offering a free, temporary subscription, customers already have a reason to become a Netflix subscriber, and they are more likely to become paid subscribers.

In all, what one can take away from these insights is that Netflix makes itself serviceable to consumers by making the subscription process as easy and enticing as possible. By incentivizing customers to subscribe or partnering with providers so Netflix becomes part of a bundled deal, the customer experience is elevated by making them feel attended to. 

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