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Most Organizations Fail To Deliver Seamless Digital Experiences: Gartner CX/UX Report

The majority of organizations struggle to deliver seamless digital experiences across all points of the customer journey, according to a report by Gartner. Published in late 2021, the report highlights the failures of large organizations to unify engagement channels, with more than 50% reportedly falling short and having clunky CX that lacks context as a result.

The report details the shortcomings of siloed CX, with the main priorities of many organizations being to shift towards a “digital first” experience, meaning that physical stores were lower on the priority list. This is due in large parts to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the shift in behavior that consumers have shown since 2020. Over 80% of surveyed CEOs agreed that the behavior changes are likely to be enduring, meaning we will be seeing the effects of the pandemic well after it ends.

Recommendations to fix these problems shown later in the report included the principle of TX (total experience), a combination of CX, UX, EX and MX, which combine into a strategy that interlinks the disciplines and therefore has a much greater adaptability and a wider application, and the use of a composable UX to unify the customer journey. Gartner offers the Gartner CX CORE for the latter, though there are alternative options offered by other organizations. Many brands are turning to AI to enhance their engagement, with 63% of CMOs considering investment.

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Emily Louise Spencer
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