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Factor4 and SavorConnect To Launch Omnichannel Gift Cards on Shopify

Factor4, a gift card and loyalty solutions provider, has announced a collaboration with SavorConnect, cloud-based e-commerce solutions platform, to introduce omnichannel gift cards on Shopify. The gift cards will be valid for both online and in-store purchases.

“Few firms offer true omnichannel gift cards; even fewer also give merchants a choice of payment processors,” said Factor4’s CEO, Dan Battista. “We believe this is the first omnichannel gift card on Shopify that allows merchants to choose their payment partner.”

The collaboration was established due to an increase in digital gift card sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, the companies stated.

Ben Weiner, the CEO of WineryConnect, the creator of SavorConnect, explained that the new gift cards “offer fully customized branding; and can be redeemed at potentially unlimited numbers of physical and virtual locations. This maximizes flexibility for merchants and their customers, opening up major new revenue streams.”

Weiner foresees the omnichannel gift cards to create a personalized customer experience for customers and sellers alike. This would have the effect of creating more streams of profit. 

In sum, Factor4 and SavorConnect’s Shopify collaboration enables sellers to accept gift cards that elevate customer experience around gift cards. Customers are able to redeem omni channel gift cards either virtually or in-person, allowing for a diversification and simplification of their shopping experience. 

Shopify was featured in CXBuzz’s Landscape Map as one of the most relevant companies in the customer experience space.

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