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Half of U.S. Healthcare Organizations Are Pursuing Digital Transformation

Innovaccer Inc., a San Francisco based healthcare technology company, has released the 2021 edition of its report titled “The Science of Digital Transformation in Healthcare and Why It’s Vital for Payer-Provider Collaboration.”

The document is a 14-page report compiled from more than 4,000 U.S. healthcare professionals’ views during the first six months of 2021. Within the report were details of the health sector’s progress towards digital transformation, including cloud computing implementation and upgraded technologies.

The survey findings reported that while only 10% of organizations surveyed said they have completed their digital transformation plan, 49% are in the process of transforming their organization while 23% are in the planning stages. This is a huge shift in the industry from years previous, with the COVID-19 pandemic being responsible for many organizations implementing technology so quickly.

Mike Sutten, Chief Technology Officer at Innovaccer commented: “The pandemic exposed the importance of improving payer-provider collaboration, moving to risk, and accelerating digital transformation.”

A further 16% of those who responded said they are actively seeking a partner to develop and initiate a digital transformation plan, likely due to not having any experience with the process themselves. This adds up to 98% of those interviewed embracing some form of digital transformation, with only 2.5% saying they did not know where to begin.

Among the priorities of those who responded, the top changes that are said to be needed include improving clinical operations (68%), establishing a data-driven culture (51%), modernizing their data platform(s) (38%), integrating disparate systems (35%) and rationalizing IT expenditures (25%). All of these issues can be achieved in some shape or form using digital transformation on a health cloud computing program, involving collaboration, data transparency and data activation technologies.

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