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Swyft To Offer Contactless Shopping Experience

Technology-driven Solution Makes Customer Interaction Safer

The automated technology retail provider Swyft has announced a patent contactless shopping technology that will enable the customers to immediately receive the products they want, without indulging with anyone or anything.

A Revolutionary Patent Solution

Customers can now easily complete their purchase using their mobile phones at the stores equipped with Swyft technology. The users can do so without downloading any app and can use their physical credit cards or NFC-enable phones to carry out the transactions.

The technology has already been introduced at stores located at U.S. Airports like San Francisco, Dallas, Atalanta, and Houston. In the coming days, the facility will be available at more than 1000 Swyft stores.

Apart from contactless shopping, customers can now experience a better digital interaction with automated clicks and courier delivery from scalable pick-up locations.





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