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Hallmark’s Greetings Cards Are Getting a New Digital Transformation Treatment

Hallmark Card, Inc. has announced a new service, Sign & Send, which aims to simplify the delivery of physical Hallmark greeting cards. The new service allows people to write handwritten messages on a physical card right from their phone or computer, and is available for over 2,000 cards on Hallmark’s website.

“Today, people use their phones for everything from connecting with friends to shopping.” said Lindsey Roy, Hallmark’s chief marketing officer, in a press release. “Sign & Send offers the digital ease and convenience people have come to expect, while giving them a way to create genuine and meaningful connections that can only be done with a Hallmark card.”

With the launch of this service, Hallmark seems to recognize the importance of expanding customer options, and the shift towards an increasingly digitized shopping experience.

Here’s how it works: Once a card that is eligible for Sign & Send is picked, users can choose to either “write” or “type” a message. Selecting “write a message” allows users to photograph handwritten messages, and import the images to the website. The “type a message” option, instead, lets users input their messages with a keyboard and customize it with a wide variety of fonts, text sizes, and alignments.

A preview of the cover, and inside of the card is provided and updated in real time, enabling customers to visualize what their message will look like before moving to the next step. After addressing the envelope, Hallmark will stamp the card and mail it to the recipient with no additional fees.

The digital transformation of card shopping introduced with Sign & Send makes sending physical cards more accessible to those who don’t have the time or ability to pick up a card in person, which has become progressively pertinent in recent times.

“This is a personalized and seamless way for consumers to shop, choose, purchase and send greeting cards,” said Roy. “This new offering brings together the digital and physical by offering the exact same Hallmark cards that you find in stores at the same price but signed and sent directly from a phone.”

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