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Verint Announces New AI Real-time Agent Assist Tool

Verint, the customer engagement platform, recently announced their newest product addition, AI-driven real-time agent assist capabilities added to their Verint Customer Engagement Cloud Platform.

The new capabilities are reported to include in the moment knowledge and real-time sentiment analysis, designed to assist in customer engagement and satisfaction. AI capabilities have increased greatly over the past decades, with the aim being that the bots are able to “comprehend what’s being said, how it’s being said […] understanding the full interaction context to provide meaningful assistance in the moment.”

“When customers pick up the phone to talk with live agents, they rightly expect rapid response and sensitivity to their moods and overall sentiment,” said Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research, in a press release. “Verint’s approach employs AI-infused analytics during each conversation to help agents respond empathetically, resulting in higher levels of engagement, task completion and customer satisfaction.”

Verint has also unveiled their new Verint Da Vinci transcription Engine, reportedly built using Deep Neural Network models. The Da Vinci engine reportedly contains expanded capabilities in transcription and comprehension, with the aim of “providing brands with a comprehensive view of customer engagement data across all customer touchpoints.”  

When questioned on the overall aim of their new additions, Daniel Ziv, VP at Verint commented: “Our latest innovation supports the delivery of exceptional experiences aligned with the customer’s emotional state and intent for more impactful and meaningful interactions, guiding agents in real-time towards the best possible outcome.”

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Emily Louise Spencer
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