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Litify Selects Vonage to Enhance Customer Experience for Legal Service Providers

The Company Chooses Vonage As Preferred Contact Center Partner To Boost Digital Transformation

Litify, a legal Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform has selected Vonage to accelerate their digital transformation and boost customer service. The company has also named the leading-communication company as their preferred contact center partner to add new capabilities and offerings for its customers. The legal agency also looks forward to changing the way it connects and engages with its clients. 

The partnership is to allow law firms across the nation to boost their customer experience journey via Vonage Contact Centers, along with accelerating the working efficiency with the help of Litify’s Integrated legal technology platform.


Salesforce Einstein Analytics to Unlock Hidden Insights

Litify’s customers can now easily leverage their Salesforce abilities and use the solutions that the cloud-based contact center from Vonage offers. The operations are to occur within a single environment, including the capability of connecting the calls to appropriate departments. It will further allow the agents to access and assist the customers with real-time information availability, allowing the firms to unlock the insights using Salesforce Einstein Analytics.  



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