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CRE Platform BLDUP Hires Matt Hagen as New COO and CFO

BLDUP, a US-based business intelligence platform provider that focuses on data analytics and search engine optimization for the real estate industry, has announced that Matt Hagen has joined the company as its new COO and CFO.

Hagen previously worked as Senior Product Line Manager at IBM Watson Commerce and as VP of Operations, Transformation, Finance, and Analytics at Monster. Hagen’s arrival marks the company’s latest move to expand after a year of successful growth.

BLDUP has a proven model and now needs only to scale,” Hagen said in a press release. “I’m here to help establish policies and processes and infuse some of the analytical and operational rigor traditionally found in larger businesses in order to make sure BLDUP has the right foundation to grow quickly.”

While at Monster, Hagen was promoted to the Vice President position in less than six months and initiated programs that generated more than $35 million for the company. In August 2020, Hagen invested in BLDUP and, within a few months, he became an advisor for the company.

When working with Hagen on corporate development and planning, the CEO of BLDUP Noah Coughlin said he noticed his skills and was impressed with his sensitivity to issues related to the commercial real estate (CRE) marketplace. Coughlin therefore decided to add Hagen to the team.

“Adding Matt to our team as COO and CFO is the perfect example of when hard work meets opportunity. His experience and motivation to date is the perfect complement to BLDUP’s current phase of corporate growth as we expand our brand into the national spotlight,” said Coughlin.

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