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Forrester Research Customers Expect Faster Service Resolutions Than Two Years Ago

Not Meeting Customer Expectations Impacts Customer Experience, Resulting In Revenue Loss

 New research conducted by Forrester Consulting Marketing Snapshot commissioned by Simplr, shows that there has been an increase in the customers’ expectations since the last two years. About 81% of the companies agreed that customers now expect faster service and resolution to their concerns than two years ago.

The study also illustrates that less than 30% of brands accepted that their customer experience strategy was effective in delivering timely service to their customers, which means customer service time-management still poses a challenge to a number of brands. The outcome is loss of business opportunities and revenue. About 39% of brands agreed to this, stating that not meeting the customers’ expectations has resulted in the loss of revenue opportunities.

Additional Findings From The Brands Surveyed In The Study:

  • 41 % of the brands have lack of skilled staff for customer-service departments
  • 40% agreed to have not been able to automate major customer service use cases
  • Only 28% believe that automation used to engage customers is very effective

 Eng Tan, CEO, and Founder of Simplr, while commenting on the study said that the Forrester study indicates how hard brands try to meet the expectations of the customers who are always online and want immediate service. Simplr’s Customer Experience Solution however bridges the gap between customers and brands, assisting the brands to improve customer experience.





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