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Merkle Releases State of Customer Experience Transformation Report

Showcases gap between consumer sentiments and corporate perceptions

A leading technology-enabled customer experience management company Merkle released its State of Customer Experience Transformation Report. The data-driven company unraveled the ways in which executives are arranging their customer experience transition initiatives. While 2020 promoted many organizations’ paths to a better digitally-governed, customer-centric vision, the report uncovers more opportunities and trends to continue. 

3 Key Areas for Customer Experience Transformation 

The company’s survey included eight hundred marketing and technology executives from the United States and United Kingdom. The survey revealed that the sentiments were felt on three major areas dominating customer experience. These included data, digital, and organizational transformation. The report also highlighted an increasing trend of overweening among executives.

As per the report, 86 percent of companies believe that their organizations already understand and meet their most valuable customers’ needs. However, 2020 Consumer Sentiment report suggested that only thirty-five percent of consumers felt like marketing and promotion of services and products meet their requirements.

 Additional key insights from the report include:

  •   90% of respondents said that consolidating consumer profiles is significant to their organization, however only about half are working towards personalization of customer experience.
  •   data quality, expertise, and lack of agile partnerships turned out to be the major limitations
  •   67% of organizations have opted for personalization over 3-6 channels
  •  43% believe that “customer experience transition” is important to their business for long-term growth.

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