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Netcracker Technology Emphasises Need for Consistent Digital Experiences

At the recent Total Telecom Congress 2021, Netcracker Technology’s SVP of Strategy Ari Banerjee spoke emphasized the need for collaboration and innovation in digital transformation with the aim of creating a consistent digital experience for customers. Discussions included challenges around complex digital transformation issues, collaboration in a partner centric system and more.

In a recent interview at the event, Banerjee commented: “They are looking for future-proof transformation platforms, that’s what we provide. That’s how we are helping them to create a consistent digital customer engagement, a monetization strategy that’s much more innovative, on demand, and obviously an automation strategy.” The telecommunications industry continues to adapt despite the huge hurdles the 2020 pandemic created, and it’s clear the future will continue this trend.

Adapting to the needs of your consumers requires collaboration, and as a mainly B2B organisation Netcracker is two steps removed from the general user of the final end product, emphasising the need for information to be passed along and for feedback to be routed to the source of issues. 

In regards to collaboration, Banerjee said: “We are today in a platform centric economy, where innovation is not just from the operators themselves, but they have to harness innovation coming from the whole ecosystem which means working with other industries, working with multi-vertical players in the space and so on.” Netcracker sees the future of telcos being one of collaboration and adaptability, with cutting edge technology being combined with the human factor of usability to create the best possible platforms for their users.

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