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Shopper Digital Transformation Experience Center Founded in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is now home to a new experiential retail technology center, the “Shopper DX Experience Lab,” jointly launched by two companies, Stratacache Asia-Pacific, a marketing technology solutions provider, and Hakuhodo Product’s, a production and sales company. The so-called “lab” was inaugurated in Toyosu, Tokyo, earlier in August.

The center is a result of the two companies’ partnership that was announced last year. The partnership is aimed at finding new ways to influence customer behaviors and drive digital transformation through developing innovative customer interactions.

“This collaborative experience center fits perfectly into our strategic regional growth plan by offering a unique place for retailers considering an investment in digital technologies to have a first-hand experience of Stratacache’s solutions and gain a deeper understanding of their advantages. It also fosters an excellent environment to better serve existing customers and drive retail transformation in Japan,” said Manish Kumar, Managing Director at APAC, in a press release.

Stratacache Asia-Pacific and Hakuhodo Product’s will collectively run the lab. It will be a multi-functional facility where technology solutions by Stratacache Asia-Pacific are displayed and innovative insights come from. The new insights could be helpful in rethinking retail experiences, socializing retail transformation, and determining the best solutions.

About the two companies:

Stratacache Asia-Pacific specializes in intelligent digital signage, digital merchandising, mobile enablement and rich media customer engagement. By generating active customer interaction, the company’s solutions have created new sales opportunities and expanded profits for clients.

Hakuhodo Product’s focus is on using the implementation capabilities of each business unit to switch customer contact points to activation points to create bespoke solutions. Its services include consulting, technical support and solutions in various fields.

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