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SKEEPERS Introduces New User-Generated Content Platform into the U.S. Market

French tech firm SKEEPERS has entered the U.S. market with its newly-launched user-generated content platform TEESTER. SKEEPERS is a fast-growing tech company that provides “people-smart” SaaS solutions to help brands to create value from and for their customers.

The company’s new ROI-driven solution platform, TEESTER, is a tool that allows brands to create and manage user-generated videos. Partnering with over one hundred brands such as Disney, Weber and MAC Cosmetics, TEESTER has shown its promising potential to uplift sales and conversion rates by more than 68%.

TEESRER works by optimizing community-created video content for various formats which can be shared across social media, marketing channels, and product pages. In addition, the platform’s automated post-production function and tailor-made video players enable brands to rapidly generate videos at scale and use them on eCommerce to bring up sales.

“Leveraging TEESTER to create user-generated videos allow us to achieve three strategic goals: improve the user experience on our digital platforms, automate large-scale video creation and give our customers a new way of sharing their experiences with our brand,” said Benjamin Boulic, International e-Commerce Director of Petit bateau in a press release.

The core mission of SKEEPERS is to assist brands to achieve engagement, improvement, and activation. By generating rating reviews and user-generated video content, brands can get live feedback from their customers. Based on customers’ feedback, they can use SKEEPERS’ consumer experience management and survey platforms to improve the consumer experience. All of the interactions between customers and brands are cultivated by SKEEPERS and are based on relevance, recognition and reward.

According to Pascal Lannoo, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Experience Officer at SKEEPERS, “there is true cohesion across our product suite – enhancing the customer experience without eliminating human interaction. Technology helps to bridge the connections but humans are necessary for authenticity. This helps make the customer and brand relationship stronger.” 

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