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Vertafore Partners With Rocket Referrals To Boost Customer Engagement

Vertafore has partnered with Rocket Referrals to assist independent companies to grow stronger relationships with their clients. 

Vertafore Client Communications, the newly launched communication management product is being powered by Rocket Referrals. The agencies that are already using Vertafore’s AMS360 will be able to engage their clients directly from the company’s management platform. The customers fulfilling the eligibility criteria can start using the tool from 1st March 2021, without any extra cost.

The AMS360 Enables Agencies To:

  • Send one-time emails from their email domain.
  • Build custom segments for achieving better results of target messaging.
  • Grow the online reputation of the company and satisfy client’s needs.
  • Assist clients to manage risks
  • locate opportunities
  • Track client satisfaction metrics

Dean Giem, president of Paradox Insurance Agency commented that the agency can reach its clients at the right time without any additional costs. This saves time, money and efforts of the company staff and at the same time boosts customer-engagement.




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