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Agillic to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences to Promote Eco-Friendly Energy Solutions

Agillic Energi will use the omnichannel marketing company to establish personalized communication throughout the customer journey

Swedish Energy Company Telge Energi is to work with Agillic, a Danish marketing software company to promote eco-friendly energy solutions. The energy company aims to make consumers more aware of the importance and requirement of sustainable energy through personalized communications.

Telge has taken this step after receiving increased interest from its consumers who wish to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment.  Back in 2008, the company transited away from fossil fuels, becoming one of the first energy companies in Sweden to take the greener and cleaner route. Currently, they are offering renewable energy powered by wind, solar, and water. Besides, the company also provides electricity with the least impact on nature.

Calling Agillic a perfect partner for the task, Johannes Boson, CEO of Telge Energi said that the data model in Agillic allows a larger customer picture for targeted customer communication and the tools to personalize and manage content more effectively. He also stated that the company requires to meet customer expectations and provide an excellent customer experience along with more sustainable energy. 

Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic also released his statement on the collaboration stating that the company is looking forward to supporting Telge Energi on its quest of providing sustainable energy. He also said that understanding customer journey, locating opportunities and critical moments, and communicating accordingly lends strategic and competitive factors.

Personalized Communications benefit Subscription Businesses

 Agillic has successfully enhanced its portfolio with the addition of another energy company. With this, the company is constantly growing its client base that includes subscription businesses from various industrial fields like retail, finance, travel, and hospitality. Among others, Agillic also offers its personalized communication services to the NGO and charity sector. The company has established that personalized communication over different channels can help businesses offer an engaging and comprehensive customer experience. Plus, businesses can retain as well as enhance customer lifetime value effectively over a period of time.


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