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Beneva Partners with Qualtrics to Tackle Personalization in Customer Experience

The Canadian insurance company Beneva announced Wednesday that it has partnered with Qualtrics, a comprehensive experience management platform, to provide its customers with personalized experiences.

Qualtrics’ solution CustomerXM will give Beneva customer data in real-time, enabling it to engage more customers and respond to them promptly, the company said. Beneva is hoping that, by combining its call center with CustomerXM, it will strengthen its customer experience.

“Qualtrics is a comprehensive solution. It will enable us to move from listening to our clients and partners to taking the necessary actions to improve the experience overall, said Stéphane Morency, Executive Vice President of Strategy, Customer Experience and Marketing at Beneva, in a press release. “Furthermore, SOM, a market research firm specializing in experience management and business strategy, and a partner of both Beneva and Qualtrics, will accompany us throughout the deployment to ensure continuity. This partnership gives us a solid base upon which to build who we are: people protecting people.”

Customer data and feedback are usually handled by different departments in insurance companies. Therefore, it’s often hard to understand what customers really need and provide them with products that meet their individual expectations.

“With Qualtrics, they’ll get to know and serve their customers as people by gathering insights from a variety of customer touchpoints. With this data centralized on a single platform, Beneva will be able to help customers across the organization in a caring and personalized way,” said Brad Anderson, President of Products and Services at Qualtrics.

CustomerXM is one of the experience management (XM) solutions provided by Qualtrics. It helps businesses to gain a holistic understanding of customers’ experiences so that they can predict and deliver business outcomes.

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