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CXBuzz Interview with Christina Gritzapi, Head of Digital Transformation & Special Projects at doValue Greece

Hi Christina, tell us about yourself and your background.

I’m a Senior executive, currently serving as Head of Digital Transformation & Special Projects at doValue Greece.

doValue Greece is an independent loan and real estate management company, a market leader in Greece, and part of the doValue Group.

I have a strong technical background and business awareness; I have managed to drive change multiple times in many positions and different companies, and I strongly believe in digital transformation. I hold a MSc in Information Systems and a BSc in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department of the University of Crete in Greece.

How did you start working in the customer experience space?

I started early in 2017, when I moved to the Digital Presence Department under the Group Digital Banking Sector of ERB Eurobank, Greece.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current role?

I work for doValue Greece since October 2020 as Head of Digital Transformation. From this role we are trying to drive the company’s digital transformation in many areas (e-payments, digital presentation, e-signatures, etc.). It is a very challenging sector which has a lot of room for improvement in order to be able to give the best service to our customers.

How can companies better listen and understand their customer base?

By looking deep at their data and trying to listen carefully to their customers’ needs.

What are some companies that you think are doing an excellent job at customer experience, and why?

Amazon, Lloyd’s Bank, Barclays, Apple, Vodafone. They offer great value and service to their customers, and they are continuously focused on optimization.

Many companies are currently undergoing digital transformation processes – what are your tips on a successful digital transformation?

Digital transformation is not only about tools and software – it requires also deep diving and changes the company’s processes. You should carefully transform both digitally & physically in order to have results, and you should do it gradually by designing, implementing, monitoring, and optimizing.

What are some CX solutions or tools that you’re keeping your eyes on right now?

Various customer feedback tools, custom made Behavioral Analytics, Website Analytics (Google), Custom made CRM.

What is your favorite CX metric?

My favorite is the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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Anna Burneika
Anna Burneika
Anna is a staff writer at CXBuzz. Her international background lends itself to 5 languages, a wide variety of interests, and a broad and bright approach to her work. Having accomplished her first degree - a BA in Communications and Political Science - at only 19 years old, she is currently pursuing her passion of Theatre with an MA in the UK.


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