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80% of Consumers Switch Brands Due to Poor CX: Qualtrics Report

80% of consumers say they have switched brands in the past due to poor customer experience, a new research from Qualtrics has revealed. Over 40% of respondents said that they would possibly switch after only a single negative interaction with any one brand. Poor CX was the number one reason why those surveyed would switch brands.

The report, which focuses on the US market and features responses from those who have contacted a customer service department within the past six months, details the perceived drop in CX quality over the pandemic. Almost 50% of those surveyed thought that CX had become lower quality since the onset of COVID-19, with researchers pointing to labor shortages and the difficulties of performing good CX on a purely digital basis. Women were 15% more likely to say that CX went downhill since 2020, with age and demographics also playing a key role.

The report highlighted the major concerns of consumers, with the number one spot going to actually getting their issues resolved. The runner up and bronze medal went to not being kept on hold for long periods of time, and not having to speak with multiple agents before getting their issue resolved respectively, showing a need for fast and streamlined responses in CX if customer demands are to be met. The issue of waiting on hold is a vital one, with 54% of respondents saying they would hang up after waiting just 5-10 minutes on hold. 

Speed and accuracy in resolving issues seem to be the name of the game in the CX field, with poor interactions causing brands to lose customers rapidly. Don’t skimp on your CX, and keep finding ways to evolve if you don’t want to be left in the dust.

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